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Currently the world is seeking for green growth strategy to solve the issues of global environment and climate change, which are challenges the human race faces and to secure a new future growth engine. Korea also concentrates all its energy on expanding investment and developing technologies in environment and green energy setting “low carbon green growth” as its new paradigm of growth.

DONGEI ECOS CO., LTD. is making enterprise-wide efforts to meet the government’s green growth and CO2-reducing policies and to become a leader of the development of green technology and industry in constant R&D and quality improvement through its attached research center.
Starting with the development and production of solar inverters, DONGEI ECOS CO., LTD. will develop superior environment and energy technologies and do its best to become a stepping stone for building the foundation of Korea’s green growth.

Please pay much attention to and encourage DONGEI ECOS CO., LTD. that becomes a leader of the field of renewable energy.  Thank you.

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