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Renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are generated in nature and therefore they are economic future energies. The importance and weight of those energies are increasing due to the stringent regulations of the Climatic Change Convention and depletion of fossil fuels. The photovoltaic system that utilizes the solar energy as the fundamental source for all energies on earth collects and changes sunlight into electricity. As an environment-friendly system, no fuels are required and no noise is generated in the photovoltaic system.
It is very easy to install and has a long equipment life.

Our proposed off-grid system can be utilized for various applications including local autonomous entities, households, schools, communication, cars, ships, military equipments, rural electricity, livestock industry, agriculture, rural development, street lamps, street stalls, leisure, events, etc. With this off-grid system, you do not need to worry about or give up when the electricity is inaccessible to you.

We are providing the innovative solutions that makes the impossible possible.
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