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"" for photovoltaic power generation is a three-phase grid connected inverter which is designed and manufactured suitable for public organizations or business places, PV power plants, etc.
1. Maximum Power Point Tracking
- Solar cell achieves optimum MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) control so that produce maximum power always.(EFA 99.2% or more)

2. High-efficiency and low-distortion
- It realizes low-distortion with high-efficiency and under 5% through an optimized current control using high performing IGBT.

3. Stability
- Uses a high-efficient insulating transformer.

4. System monitoring and self diagnosis
- It controls system through a digital controller, monitors operation status and operates in an automated manner. Various data can be seen efficiently through a LCD screen.

5. Monitoring system
- It can check an inverter's operation status and various data through remote communication.

6. Design considering safety and conveniences
- It is designed for user to be able to operate and monitor easily. As its durability is outstanding, an inverter operates safely.
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