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Full IGBT rectifier "" is one with high power factor, designed and manufactured to fit industry-wide.
1. High efficient green system
- This controls the power factor of the input power supply always to higher than 99% and the relative harmonic content in the power source current to lower than 3% in each unit regardless of the kinds of load, and controls voltage and current instantaneously through DSP control.

2. Parallel Operation System
- Since, in a facility with a large capacity or one that never allows any breakdown, no separate controller is needed for parallel running and there is no concept of master and slave, this controls devices by the status of each and surveillance, which guarantees perfect reliability.

3. Outstanding Stability and Reliability
- Its use of high efficient insulation transformer and high durability show good stability. As its structure is simple, its reliability has been further improved.

4. Convenient operation
- Its use of 4-column large LCD display can easily identify and set automatic and manual control, equalized charging time, various operation information and status information.

5. Convenient communication functions
- As it hasically includes RS-232C, RS-485 comport, it can easily send information to higher level SCADA system.

6. Various application area
- Stand-alone type PV system, wind power system charger
- High efficient power supply devices in industrial fields
- Hydro-electric power plant, thermoelectric power plant, nuclear power plant, co-generation facilities, chargers for subway or submrine
- Quick charging system
Iuput specifications
Rated voltage
Output specifications
Rated voltage Rated current Voltage Adj. range
System features
Pover factor Control method
SR 030
SR 050
SR 075
SR 100
SR 150
SR 200
AC 220V,
380V, 440V
DC 110V
(24V, 48V, 125V,
220V, 250V, 400V)
*Remark_1 )
30 A
50 A
75 A
100 A
150 A
200 A
(at rated voltage
of battery)
or more
Remark_1 : Rated output voltage can be changed by order.
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